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iGaming Affiliates Explained

With a quick look on Google you’ll find that nearly any gambling related search-term returns numerous ads, followed by hundreds of organic results with websites that are purely based around reviewing and promoting gambling websites. These are known as affiliate websites, acting as a middleman between the customer and the gambling company. The role of an affiliate is to refer new customers to gambling websites, earning up to 50% commission in the process. Each customer is tracked using cookies and can be viewed via an affiliate platform provided by the named gambling company.



John searches Google for somewhere to place a bet online. He looks up 'best betting website', in hopes to make an informed decision.


John visits an affiliate website, who compare and review betting websites - finding a great review for a betting company he has seen advertised on TV.

Betting Company

John has now clicked from the affiliate website, to the betting website, and placed his bet. This means the affiliate has generated a new customer for the betting company and will receive commission based on the money John spends throughout his time there.

Popular Affiliate Programs

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William Hill Partners

  • Rev Share: 30-45%
  • |
  • CPA:
  • |
  • Hybrid:

William Hill LogoWilliam Hill Bingo LogoWilliam Hill Casino LogoWilliam Hill Games LogoWilliam Hill Poker LogoWilliam Hill Vegas Logo

GVC Affiliates

  • Rev Share: 25-35%
  • |
  • CPA:
  • |
  • Hybrid:

Bwin LogoBwin Casino LogoBwin Poker LogoCoral LogoCoral Bingo LogoCoral Casino LogoFoxy Games LogoGala Casino LogoGameBookers LogoLadbrokes LogoLadbrokes Casino LogoPartyCasino LogoPartyPoker LogoPartySports LogoSportingbet LogoSportingbet Casino Logo


  • Rev Share: 20-45%
  • |
  • CPA:
  • |
  • Hybrid:

Betfred LogoBetfred Bingo LogoBetfred Casino LogoKerching LogoPots of Luck LogoProspect Hall Logo

Betway Partners

  • Rev Share: Up to 40%
  • |
  • CPA:
  • |
  • Hybrid:

Betway LogoBetway Casino LogoBetway Vegas LogoHippodrome Logo

Paddy Partners

  • Rev Share: Undefined
  • |
  • CPA:
  • |
  • Hybrid:

Paddy Power LogoPaddy Power Bingo LogoPaddy Power Casino LogoPaddy Power Games LogoPaddy Power Poker LogoPaddy Power Vegas Logo

An Introduction to Betify...

Betify provides affiliates with the necessary tools to create iGaming ads for their website(s). As a member of Betify you’ll be able to store your affiliate links and manage your partner brands for any of your marketing sources, then start creating ads using our ready-made design templates. Whether you’re looking to offer your brands a top spot for a higher commission or boost your conversion rate by utilising some white space on your site, Betify has what you'll need. All of our ads can be embedded on your website with a simple copy and paste of a code and automatically incorporate any changes to welcome offers / T&Cs / rebranding, meaning you'll never have to worry about another compliance update.

Sample Ads

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*Simple Text Ad (vertical list)

*Custom Table (vertical list)

*Media Style 2 (vertical list)

*Media Style 1 (vertical list)

*Scrolling Apps (horizontal list)

Ads Creator

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Create iGaming ads for your website.
  • Add your marketing sources.
  • Manage your partner brands.
  • Store your affiliate links.
  • Prioritise brands of your choice.
  • Choose from any of our templates.
  • Copy and paste ads to your website.
  • Edit your ads at any given time.
  • No coding skills required.
  • Low / no maintenance required.
  • Cancel anytime.

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